Bureau Veritas offers to create an international data privacy Certification


BV operates solely as an independent certification and auditing consultancy and wants to help businesses create a global certification system to protect personal data.

We will offer three levels of certification:

Privacy Checked/Privacy by Design Certification

  • Awards businesses a “Privacy by Design” label for using a specific product or service design, a data architecture, and de-identification or similar methods.
  • Lets businesses begin the privacy certification process without redoing their entire IT architecture.
  • Is more accessible for some businesses.

Governance Certification

  • An international label — independent of local compliance requirements.
  • Lets businesses focus on their data management system, without undergoing technical audits of resources.
  • Sets up a continuous improvement process for privacy.
  • Can be tailored along the lines of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) model.
  • Applies to all types of businesses.

European Union Regulation (GDPR) Certification

  • Addresses Article 39 of the E.U. General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Is awarded based on guidance derived from the regulation.
  • Voluntary certification for businesses.

The internal processes audited relate to data governance.

  • BV certifications will be specifically defined by:
    Region (France alone, Europe, U.S., Russia, China). The number and variety of regulations will add complexity for international brands.
  • The scope concerned within the business: a division, a particular product or service, or the entire company.